Monday, July 12, 2010

Trip Number 2

We headed to the beach and you can see it was a nice cloudy day. Warm enough just not sunny. We found out you can't just take dogs to any ole beach. We found out there are rules about dogs and beaches.... we we're able to walk the beach or the paved walkway with the dogs. We actually had to go back to the nearest street to walk to Tower 5 area.... a dog beach

Here we are at Tower 5 and not that many dogs and our dogs especially puppy Maximus haven't been to many dog parks let alone a dog beach. We were alittle anxious but as one dog owner said to us "let them go and they'll stick around and have a blast" and he was so right.

As you can see into the water they went. Winston loved the water and he swam and swam and swam. Maximus followed Winston everywhere.

As we were walking from the beach Winston was so worn out he took any opportunity to lay down and

After the beach we drove to the Cabrillo National closed early so we didn't get much time there and no dogs allowed! ugh

There is a National Cemetery near the park so we stopped to take a moment in honor the 4th of July.

On our walk we saw some incredible flowers...I have no idea what this is but boy was it beautiful and unusual....

Morning Glories!!! How perfect.

We took the dogs to lunch and we were able to find one that allowed dogs. Maximus was so well behaved.

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