Tuesday, March 5, 2013

High School....1975

A visit from a friend brought back so many high school memories.  She brought our high school annuals (yearbook).  I haven't looked at one in a hundred years.  After looking through my 1975 annual I realized how I checked out of high school.  There wasn't one thing or one photo of me in the annual.  My sophomore year I participated in every activity I could and I remember the financial strain it was and how I really didn't enjoy it or fit in.  So my junior and senior year I quit the activities.  I liked school, did well and I did have fun hanging out with the not so popular people.   My senior year I missed the deadline to submit a senior photo mainly due to lack of money.  I remember finally getting my photos but sad to know I missed the annual deadline.  I didn't attend any games, dances, prom.  How weird to think of that now.  When I graduated I was happy to be out of high school because I was mad about how my high school dealt with me as a Hispanic student and that's another story.  I realized how my ''Westend" classmates I graduated with weren't in the annual either.

This is the page I would of been on... haha

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