Monday, August 31, 2009

Things that went on

I decided to post everything going on in one here it goes.

Went to San Diego twice in the last couple of weeks...

First weekend was spent at the beach...but I'm not much of a beach person and here's my observations. You have to like the sun no I should say LOVE the sunshine, you can't mind a few people...a few hundred people, you need to step into the ocean...okay more like be thrown by the ocean, and finally you have to appreciate the sandy beach....cuz it's everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! I have photos but I must spare you. Okay just one...

This is Sebastian enjoying the beach.

The rest of the trip was spend enjoying our friends. I even made tortillas twice! Nothin better than homemade hot tortillas with butter!!!!

We shopped and I bought a zebra purse...lookie..

Okay their faux purses, but yes they're two different ones. I didn't like the first one so I went back and got a different one... Yes, my sister, Melinda is the lucky one to get it.

My next trip I drove the Mini Lula to San Diego last week for a concert.

Had a blast...

Kings of Leon

"Sex on Fire" "Use Somebody"

While in San Diego we had fun visiting with friends. Went to Sebastian's pop warner football game.

But Sebastian got hurt and boy he was a tough cookie. Not pain no gain.

Remember I introduced you to Leah Grace? This is me and her Auntie when she first arrived at Children's Hospital from St. Joe's.
We had some very sad news. Baby Leah Grace passed on. I was fortunate enough to spend time with her the night before she passed. She touched us all and she was loved. My prayers and sympathy to her family and friends. Finally, I went to NAU to see Christine. She is adjusting so well and is lovin it. My boy Zachariah sent her some flowers to wish her a good first week! He's the best....

The rest of the week was spent cleaning the house...getting ready for the party...yes it's margarita time! Here's the invite.

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