Tuesday, April 18, 2017

From a bench to boxes.

I made three benches to sit poolside.  This bench didn't hold up too well.  It was time for it to join the wood pile.

It didn't take much work to break it down.  I was left digging out screws and nails!

I had one of those days where I just needed to use my hands.  I headed to my wood pile.  I got my saw out and began cutting the long boards salvaging the good parts. Some of the wood had deteriorated.  I took measurements to build  wooden boxes.  It really wasn't too hard but I did have to get the calculator out to minimize waste. 

I cut enough pieces to make two good size boxes.  I still have two long pieces and three good size pieces to make more boxes!  I predrilled the nail holes.  That was necessary so  the wood wouldn't split when I hammered the nails in.  I used 1 3/4" penny nails.  Not to hard once I got the first end piece nailed on the base piece.  

I had a few scrap pieces left over so I cut them to make compartments but they were a saw blade width too big...ugh.  I had already put my saw away...didn't want to get it out so those pieces will have to wait.   

 My Maximus dog decided to keep me company in the garage.  I needed a breeze but not the sunshine so the garage door was opened a few feet.  Maximus loved it.

This is my toolbox of found metal odds & ends.  Hinges, bolts, washers, handles, and drawer pulls.

I found a few items thinking I would embellish my boxes.  I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with them.  I don't like the drawer pulls, or the bolts.  Not sure i want to put handles or metal corners?  Or maybe use a leather strap to make a handle?  Or leave them as is?  I do know I will leave them turquoise color.

I have enough of the bench wood to make two or three more boxes.  I have a number of shorter 2x4 pieces, too.  This was a fun project and easy to do.  I love recycling and repurposing.

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