Sunday, January 29, 2017

Egg gathering apron!

I have a friend who is kind of a "princess" and he's having a birthday.  He has chickens and he loves loves loves his chickens.  He loves collecting their eggs.  So why not make him a egg collection apron!
I searched Pinterest and Etsy to get some ideas on how to sew one up.  Here's the Youtube video I watched to get idea how to make the apron  I bought some white aprons awhile ago and dug them out.  White simple full size apron = perfect!

I headed to the fabric store and was disappointed to find only ONE  fabric with a rooster on it, no chickens anywhere!  Didn't expect that.  Now since it's going to be a "princess egg collection" apron I needed some glitter and embellishments. I found this great perfect shade of pink glittery fabric the perfect "princess" iron-on.

Lucky I had some T-shirt transfer paper!

I searched the Internet for a chicken image to iron-on the apron.  (Original image is "Madonna and Egg - Ursnlav/Divantart)  I deleted  the background and enhanced the colors.  Printed it up on the transfer paper and cut the image out.  Ironed it on the apron.

The strips are 72 cm x 12 cm to make the pockets, cut 2 strips for 10 pockets total.  

I cut the glitter fabric into 6 cm strips to use as the trim on the top of the pockets.

I pinned the pockets at the pencil marks to make the pleats.  I pressed them to make it easier to baste in place.

I pressed all the edges to make it easier to sew in place on the apron.  The tutorial actually make a half apron and the pockets were measured to fit the width of the apron so I ended with the edges just being tiny slot pockets...maybe for a pencil or snacks for the chickens?

So here's how the iron-on image and princess embellishment turned out.  I say the perfect "chicken princess egg collector" apron!

Final product!!!  OMG I love how it turned out!

Princess loved his new egg collecting apron!  He really did even though he's not smiling.

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