Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday thoughts...

My thoughts..... Woman's March on January 20th, a Saturday.  It was chilly and windy.  They expected a crowd of 5000, but they got much more than that....20,000+   
Before that day I was feeling frustrated and worried about so many issues.  Don't get me wrong I'm still concerned about those issues.

I was so inspired by all the people involved in the Woman's March.  Men, Women, Kids, Grandma's, Millenniums, Latinas, African-Americans, Native-Americans, all ethnicities, all religions, it included everyone!  When I looked into the crowd no one was excluded.  So different from what I have seen in in the new White House and his cabinet nominees.

I'm not mad he's president.  I'm mad at his policies, I'm mad at his cabinet selections, I'm mad at  his policy for Dreamers, I'm mad at his denial of global warming, I'm mad at his view on woman's wage equality,  I'm mad at his push on changing reproductive rights, I'm mad he's lacking diversity on his selections, No Latinos at all.  I understand why some people are not concerned...they don't feel left out .... white men and women are surely represented in the new White House.  Personally, I don't feel represented in the new White House.

The best thing about the march on Saturday was it gave me back my HOPE.  When this many people came out all over the country and in the world in support of all the issues I'm concerned about, it overwhelmed me with HOPE and LOVE TRUMPS HATE.  I was completely represented on Saturday, January 20, 2017... Thank you, I know I am not alone and I will not be silent alone.

Love, Love Love!
Exactly my thoughts
Pink hats!

It was reported 3.3 million marched in 500 cities across America.  I love America!

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