Wednesday, January 25, 2017

First Fridays

I hadn't been to a First Friday in a long time.  One First Friday was in the Phoenix Roosevelt area and the other was in the Grand Avenue area.  The Roosevelt area was a little disappointing from what I remember.  The whole area has changed, lots of buildings and traffic flow has changed.  Last time I was in the Roosevelt district the road was closed off so foot traffic was down the center of the street.  This time Roosevelt street was so busy with cars and kept the foot traffic on the sidewalks...way busy and crowded.  Not as many galleries as I remember.    The Grand Avenue area was fun but galleries were far apart.  Ended up at Third Space for drinks!  There was so much art, jewelry, exhibits, mixed media pieces, and painted art I wish I could of photographed it all.  I always love seeing such creative souls and definitely get inspiration and motivation to keep creating!
 I put a hummingbird feeder outside my office window and I have two beautiful tiny hummingbirds visit me all day long.  Finding this art piece was so perfect.

I like this way to display photos and art pieces.

Crochet covered tree, how cool is this.  A number of trees along Grand Avenue were covered in crocheted yarn.

Love the frog and owl print.  Artist unknown

Art exhibit along Roosevelt - Artist unknown

These are pieces were so neat and large.  I didn't find out who the artist was.  This was in a hair salon along Grand Avenue.

This of the bean in Chicago.  This piece is so neat, it's using pieces of paper to make the image.  Way cool in person to be able to see the details.

Details of the tags.  Amazing work

So creative!  This are large to small metal trays!  I'm in love with this shade of blue.

Random heart on the sidewalk to end the evening.

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