Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The beginning of a new blog idea.

In my most recent trip home I was having lunch with my sister.  I was telling her how I was planning to add a interviews with to my blog.  I want to interview people about their jobs, passions, thoughts.  I explained how I would ask the same questions, maybe 10 questions total.  I have several people in mind already.  Artists, a teacher, some serious runners, crafters, moms, etc.
I asked my sister random questions….
1. How long have you been at you job?
She’s been at her job for 23 years.  She works with developmentally challenged children, ages 3-5 yrs.  She works within the school system with teachers, therapist, parents, etc.  It was tough for her to
2.  How does her job defines her? 
She loves children and definitely has a knack with kids.  Her job has taught her patience.  She loves to see the progress the kids make and the outcome.  She doesn’t like it when people say their child “can’t “ do something.  She has seen a child come into the class and he can’t open a book and he leaves the program with the knowledge about books, sounds, images, etc. 
3. Do you find joy in your job?
It’s chaos to brilliance when it comes to the children she works with.  It a challenge with so many moments of joy.
We stopped at this point because our lunch arrived...haha
What I know about my sister and her job...the kids love her.  Whenever we are out it never and I mean never fails a kid she's worked with notices her and that kid always and I mean always has a smile and a big hello for her!

My sister, Melinda!

This was a good start to what I want to add to my blog.  I know some very amazing women & men  doing some amazing things and I want to showcase them.

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