Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Laptop, cont...

Oh by the way, my laptop still isn't fixed!!  Surprise surprise you say.  The smart people at Dell emailed me to inform me another part will be replaced on this laptop....the touchpad thingie area.  Which by the way, yes it's been replaced before!!!  I'm like whatever I gotta do to fix this piece of crap ... the touch screen is what needs to be replaced you f***king fools!  So the on-site tech called me this morning to tell me he has the part and will be here to switch it out.  He laughs and says what happened?  Thought we were done with replacement parts and then he laughs again.  He mentions again, you might consider giving your laptop to someone you really like and buying a iMac....really  really  really.  I don't have iMac kinda money ... I'm retired you fool.  He laughs, again.

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