Monday, June 4, 2012

Bowling Pin Photo Book

I told you how Tio Tony gave me a bowling pin he got from the bowling alley on Norton Air Force Base, California.  I decided to have the bowling pin travel to some cool places and to photograph the adventure.  The next thing was to figure out how I was going to put the photos together and how to be able to add photos over time.  I remembered watching some YouTube videos in the past on how to make a hard cover book.  I found the videos and watched them, again.  There are a number of steps but not difficult steps.  

Here's what I ended up with....

 Get paper for pages and glue them together on one end.  
 I decided to save paper and cut strips instead of using full sheets.  Kinda a mistake because it was a tough job fitting the strips to glue.  The proper way was to use double the pages and trim out every other page to make room for thickness the photos make.

Set aside to dry.

I found some muslin fabric to print the cover photo on.  I used freezer paper to stabilize the fabric for the printer.  Iron the fabric to the waxed side of the freezer paper.  

Ta worked out perfectly.  I heat set the ink.  By the way, the photo was taken pool side.  I like the way the colors coordinated with Mr. Bowling Pin.

The next steps took some patience and time.  I cut book boards, glued the fabric as neatly as I could.  I also made added the protector pages to the book pages and then put it all together.
 I make two photo for Tio & one for me.

I printed my photos & got myself a cup of coffee and began the process of putting the photos in our books.  I used old fashion photo corners and made all the photos the same size.

I need to add a few local Phoenix and Arizona photos before I mail this off.  Both books will hold 50 photos.   This is a very fun project and I can't wait for my Tio Tony to have it.

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