Saturday, June 16, 2012

10 am ... 100 degrees, nice round numbers, huh?

What would I expect in the middle of June in the middle of the Arizona desert?  Yeah, it's gonna be a hot weekend.  Two things will be happening today, okay two fun things and lots of other not so fun things... Time in the studio....working on three invite projects, almost done with one.  Mandatory time in the swimming pool (with a nice cold drink).  Already set up the umbrellas for shade otherwise the patio is way too hot to walk on barefoot.  The not so fun things...housework, cooking, laundry, etc...yeah it's the weekend...who cares about a dirty house or having clean clothes, not me!  Eating, well that's a fun thing, just not in the mood to cook.   Yesterday, I watered my outdoor plants and they were talking to me, okay, yelling at me!  Get us the out of the sun!  I feel so bad, so I'm gonna move them, again.  Don't know where cuz the sunshine and heat is everywhere.  Maybe the courtyard, more shade there... only I forget to water ... outa sight + outa mind = forget to water them!  This happens to me every summer.   I don't know how other people keep their plants so nice...maybe automatic watering systems? 

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