Saturday, June 16, 2012

Laptop, cont.

The computer tech replaced the LCD screen and it didn't work, so he put the old one back on and it works just fine.  He loaded a driver thingie and now the ghost mouse pointer thing is gone and everything seems to be fine.  I didn't let him replace any of the other parts they sent.  I loaded most of the software I use and again so far so good.  I watched TV on it and so far so good.  Today, I'm going to watch a movie, it used to freeze when I watched a movie.  I'm going to load it up with photos and see what happens.  Maybe the electronic glichie monkey inside my laptop is gone???

oh, by the way,  I think the glichie monkey moved into my refridgerater!!  Freezer cold but not cold enough...quit freezing stuff or making ice!  The fridge part isn't cold enough either!  That damn glichie monkey!  I need to quit feeding glichie monkey!

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