Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Laptop, cont.

I know you're probably tired of hearing about my laptop crap....but let me tell ya... Aaron, Supervisor Aaron called me to let me know he got my (nasty pissed off) email and he has moved my whatever you call case, my complaint, my on going laptop crisis...on to the next level and is requesting a solution ... replace my laptop???  Who cares at this point I say... I moved on .. shook it off ..
I told Supervisor Aaron thank you so much and I hope something good is going to happen cuz at this point I have no idea what to do...and I keep my fingers crossed that the glichie monkey is gone.  I still haven't been able to download my software I had on it...some compatibility issues??  I don't even know if I updated all the right drivers! But for now I can surf the net, post on my blog, read Facebook & emails.  I'm still struggling with photo editing and card making.  I may need to go buy new software!  My experience with Dell Support on this issue sucked and I can say I'm not too confident in this laptop over the long run.  So for now I'm waiting for a follow up phone call from Aaron the Supervisor.  I just don't know if the glichie monkey is gone for good....ah wait  the glichie monkey did get into my refridgerator!  Got a new one delivered a couple of days ago.  Now that damn glichie monkey is in my garage door opener!!! WTF!  Someone out there needs to do some voodoo on this glichie monkey for me, please!  Or tell me how to rid myself of the glichie monkey.  HELP.

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