Sunday, May 20, 2012


As I mentioned before my laptop has been acting up...well it's possessed.  Hard drive was replaced and it came with a mind of it's own!   I can't control the mouse/cursor at all.  Was on phone with Dell support for two hours, mostly on hold.  I think they just didn't want to deal with me and all my complaints.  Finally, when I was off hold I asked to speak with the supervisor, so Aaron, the supervisor, gets on the line and I'm talking over him and he so kindly asks me to listen.  I didn't and said I have heard it all and I'm done listening.  I want a new laptop, not a refurbished piece of crap.  He finally figured out there was nothing more he could offer and agreed.  Of course he has to submit, talk to, beg or whatever to get the next level of command to agree and send me a new laptop.  So far the motherboard, fan, video card, usb ports, keyboard, hard drive and software have been replaced...I'm asking him what more is left to replace?  Not to forget all the time I've wasted.  Now I gotta wait, again.  I told Aaron, the supervisor how disappointed I am in Dell and this may be the last product I ever buy from them and I will certainly discourage anyone else from ever buying a Dell product.  I don't think Aaron the supervisor could care less but you know the conversation is recorded so I could tell it was a challenge to give the appropriate responses.  The computer tech told me he hates working with Dell Support, I agree.
This morning Tom handed me his laptop, knowing I was gonna have laptop withdrawal issues.  haha
I think today is a good day to spend in the pool and craft studio.....

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