Thursday, May 3, 2012

Heading west, heading home,

I don't like goodbyes, but I do like heading home.  I'll be stopping in on a friend in Colorado that I haven't seen since high school.  On a whim I contacted her and asked if I could stop in and visit.  She gladly said yes.  I'm excited to see her.  I'm also meeting up with Tom in Denver, yeah!  We'll be meeting up with some college friends and I'm really excited to see them, it's been way too long. 
I did some really cool things on this trip.  I was able to find a good high school friend and her husband who live in the middle of nowhere.  I did get a treasure from them, too.  haha   Good thing I MINImized my luggage because MINI Lula is packed full with all kinds of goodies and treasures.  I decided to wait until I unpack in Arizona to share photos.  I have stories to share and photos to show you.  I plan to get busy in my craft studio as soon as get home...I have tons of ideas!!!

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