Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Honor of my special friend.

This is Arlene Viersen

I was 12 when Arlene crossed my path.  I had no idea the impact she was going to have on my life.  She began by teaching me to sew, but what she really taught me was to be focused, to pay attention to details, to have patience, and finish what I began.  Sewing is still a passion of mine to this day.  She went on to teach me to bake and I love baking.   She taught me which measuring cup to use for liquids and which one for dry ingredients, but what she really taught me was, use the right tool for the right job and following directions was important to get the best results.  She asked me to participate in modeling to show off our sewing projects and what I learned was poise, confidence and to hold my head up. 
She exposed me to a life I never knew was possible.  She took me to her home and I couldn’t believe she had me in her home and was so generous when she didn’t need to be.    I remember talking to her about my dream to go to college and where I came from college was only a dream.  I finished high school and went to the University of Nebraska.  She attended my college graduation which meant so much to me   It’s hard to explain and I tried a number of times to tell her how I would not be the person I am today if it was not for her.  She believed in me.  I believed in me because of her.  I would visit her whenever I was in town and  I was able to see her on my last trip in November and I hugged her tight and I felt her love.  She smiled, I told her I loved her and we said goodbye.  I will miss her but she is in my heart always talking to me.  She lived a love filled long life to the age of 90.    She was the best mentor a person could have and I was blessed we chose each other.

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