Monday, February 27, 2012

Wedding dress shopping with my dear friend

My friend, Pam's son is getting married and his bride let me join in the fun today.  I love wedding dress shopping.  She wasn't too sure what she wanted but was sure what she didn't want.  She tried on a variety of styles but when she put "the one" on she smiled and seem to love the way she looked in the dress.  The other dresses she liked them but wasn't smiling much.  She even tried one I loved just to see how it would look and it was beautiful as you can see.....

 But "the one" was "the one"  & I must admit "the one" brought tears to my eyes.  You'll have to wait to see it.
   The rest of the appointment was spent picking out the bridesmaids dresses. She loved a perfect shade of deep red and she also liked black. She 's having an evening wedding somewhat formal, so both colors would be nice. The girls decided on gorgeous black halter style long dresses.   What a fun day and she even asked if I would be interested in helping out with a few other wedding things.  I showed her examples of some of the invitations I've designed, so we'll see.  I love her groom and have known him since he was in middle school.  He has a lovely bride.

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