Monday, February 20, 2012

I had one of my energy field meltdowns...

This thing happens to me every once in awhile.  This time caught me completely by surprise!  It began with a warning light with Mini, a light was out but I couldn't figure out which light it was.  My laptop kept freezing that's way too serious, it's only six months old.  Finally, my cell phone found it's way out of my hands and crashed on my concrete driveway!!!  Shattered the glass screen.

Now if that's not enough.  Each time I made a call to Dell or T-Mobile my cell would drop the call, my home phone would go to dial tone, and I struggled like crazy to get solutions to my electronic madness.  I was terribly frustrated cuz I couldn't get anything accomplished or resolved. 
When this energy thing happens to me it's usually easy for me to see why.  This time it wasn't so easy so I forced myself to set it aside each time I got overwhelmed.  The whole thing took all week to resolve.  Laptop is working fine.  Mini was in the shop for her regular service appointment and she's fine.  I bought a new cell phone (I hate the whole service agreement bullshit, but T-Mobile guy, Dusty saved the day).  I stayed away from my digital camera, thank goodness. 
I didn't have time to find out if the sun was having any kind of solar blasts or if the planets were in some kind of formation or if I was struck by lightning in my dreams as I was flying around.

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