Sunday, February 26, 2012

Digging this

This is my winter perfect weather to do an outdoor project project.  I'm digging up the courtyard.  Grass will not grow in the courtyard, actually nothing much will grow, no sunshine, which we love because it stays cooler.  So I'm replacing the dirt with quarter-minus gravel and then setting potted plants all around.  I began today and it was so nice outside.  But I'm telling you digging dirt is a hard job, the ground is HARD!  I water soaked some of it and used the yellow handle tool..pick? ... still a hard job.  I'll have to dig down about 2-3" and grade it for drainage.  I have to dig dirt, move dirt, haul dirt and order gravel, haul gravel, move gravel, lay gravel, rake gravel, water gravel....omg what am I thinking????  I'm thinking no more dirt, dust, mud, dog digging and nothing but beauty.

This is only about a third of the courtyard area!

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