Saturday, February 25, 2012

What do you do when you have time on your hands?

You go to movies... saw "Safe House", Denzel was awesomely Denzel, saw "Gone", okay movie but could of been more suspenseful.  I still wanna see the new Tyler movie and of course The Vow, I know super chick movies

You water plants, plants like that.

You read, I'm reading "61 Hours" by Lee Child & "Eyes of Prey" by John Sanford

You check out Facebook, love seeing family's photos

You read cool blogs, stumble on to this one and she's so creative.

You download the millions of photos off storage card.  This is the latest photo shoot.  Birthday gift idea for my dear friend.  Her kids did these same photos 7 years ago.  I wanted to find them to compare but I just can't seem to find the CD. 

You make wheat tortillas, yummie.

You make lists of things to do and projects to start.... hahaha

You blog post......finally.

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