Thursday, February 2, 2012

My week so far...

On Monday,  I attended a friend's wife's memorial service.  It was a celebration of her young life, she was 40 yr old.  He loved her truly and now him and their three sons move on as best they can.  Lots of family and friends attend the celebration of her life, she was loved.  Makes you take a moment.
The rest of the day I enjoyed with two close friends then came home and got a much needed hug from Tom.
The next morning went for a walk and then decided to drive to Flagstaff to hang out with Christine.  I'm so glad I went to see her.  She was so much fun and I just love her.  She has no idea how incredible she is!
Today I drove home and decided to take in the scenic drive..stopped at the scenic my camera out, snap a shot and NO STORAGE CARD!!!  So much for that adventure.  I even thought I would  stop in Sedona and take some photos to show you.  But no... I got back in my car and finished my drive with only this pic...
 San Francisco Peaks in my mirror...bye Flagstaff
(photo courtesy of my cell phone)
I stopped at a friend's house when I got back into Phoenix and checked out his new house.  Very very nice.  Shared some snacks and gossip then headed home.

Just outside my friend's neighborhood
Hot air balloons, way cool!

 This is what I found at my house....

Pillow fight?
Bella "ruff ruff" (he started it)
Maximus totally quiet

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