Saturday, January 28, 2012

Walking around and around and around

I challenged myself to walk...yeah that's it just to walk...didn't matter where, how long, how far, but just to walk.  
My journey begins...........
I take my fat dog Winston with me on almost all my walks.  Sometimes we'd walk for 20 minutes, 25 minutes, maybe 30 minutes.  Now it's 45 to 60 minutes.  We'd walk 1/2 mile, 3/4 mile, 1 mile now it's 2 to 2.5 miles.  We walked the neighborhood streets.  We start by heading north, heading south, heading west... we never head east???

We, well I decided Winston and I need a change of scenery.  We head to a city "desert" park which is north.  We hike a easy enough trail but ....
I took a fall and hurt my knee a couple of weeks ago,  it's healing fine but still tender especially when I step down.  Going up the trail, no problem, coming down the trail, big problem!
It doesn't help when Winston is sure footed and ready to go.
He looked back at me as to say "get a move on lady".  I like this park a lot, it is the furthest park to drive to. though.
Hills and a  very nice place to hike

Winston, ready to keep going

Another park we tried has nice wide paved paths which I thought would be nice and also some gradual climbs nothing big....well what I didn't count on was all the bicyclist traveling or more like speeding past us apparently yelling "on your left"...meaning move to our right.   
Two problems for me..
#1. I don't easily, if ever know my lefts or rights
#2. I was wearing headphones LOUD
This place turned out to be somewhat deadly for both Winston and me. 

 Another park had paved wide paths easy to walk...but boring & too far to drive to walk.

Yet, another place we went really wasn't too bad, wide gravel path, no bikes, no joggers, no dogs.  Yeah, one park a guy had to big dogs and in this really wide park decided to walk right at us.  Winston was good, his dogs not so good, enough said. 
We may go back to this place since it was quiet and short drive.  Only thing was it was maybe a 2 miles walk total in the direction we headed.

Honestly, I don't think Winston cares where and when we walk,   just that he gets to go.  I'm still on the hunt for our perfect walking place and this is a huge city!  The walking adventure continues................

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