Friday, January 27, 2012

Quilting Bug

A number of years ago I began this quilt.  I designed, cut it, sewed it and quilting was the only thing left to do.  It's a Irish chain - nine square pattern (2" squares)  I remember when I set the blocks and thought this is gonna be big project.  It was!  My father-in-law, Irvin made the quilting frame for me when I was working on a quilt for Grandpa John.  We've been cleaning the storage shed and garage and came across the quilting frame which then reminded me of my unfinished quilt.  I hand quilted about 1/3 of it so far.  It was stored in my craft studio behind the door, still on the frame poles!  Too easy I said to myself...
I set it all up yesterday and ready to get my supplies.... ruler "check",  pencil "check", thimble "check", quilting needles "check", and quilting thread...darn it no quilting thread!  Today I have thread...
I sat down for two hours today and noticed my stitches need practice.  But it did feel good to quilt.
Winston dog found his place under the frame
Stitches I did today....practice practice practice

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