Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stamping metal & more dirt

Remember the spoons I flattened?  Well their stainless steel and so dang hard to stamp.  I guess sterling silver or silver plated spoons work you tell me.  I got some cheapo spoons at Dollar Tree, maybe I'll have more luck.  I even decided to try my hand at etching some spoons, no bueno.  Tomorrow I'm gonna play with all the metal stamping options I can come up with.  I think I'm gonna etch some metal, too.  So, laundry, dishes and sweeping up the floors will have to wait another day.  I'm in the middle of replacing all the window screens and when I say all, I mean all five of them...haha.

I haven't been in the courtyard playing in the dirt this week. Got the first layer off and piled up. 

We tilled the whole thing before it rained this weekend.  We got lots of much needed rain, but it left it a muddy mess.  It's still wet!  We'll be back at it on Saturday.

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