Wednesday, March 14, 2012

XPS Dell Laptop (continued)

Today a very nice Dell tech support guy, can't pronounce his name let alone spell it.  Anyways, he was very nice and patient with me.  He was able to take remote control of my laptop which was both cool but eerie.  He made all kinds of changes and explained in layman words to me.  All got fixed except for the USB ports which another tech guy will have to come and replace (again).  Also yesterday's tech guy didn't get the left click button in right and it sticks!  So they will fix that too.  I was on the phone with the Dell tech guy for a long long long time, almost two hours!  So I thought what the heck, ask him some questions, too.  He was in India, the southern part.  It was 1am there, it was 1pm here.  It was Thursday there, it was Wednesday here.  It's hot there and the center is 24/7, always available to Dell customers.  I wanted to ask him if was full time?  if he was married? he sounded like late 20's I wanted to know how much he got paid per hour?  I wanted know how much training he has to go through?  But I didn't ask since I recall the conversation/call is recorded.  At the end of the call his supervisor asked to talk to me, YIKES I wondered if I got him in trouble.  I told her nothing but good things about him...good review from me.  Now lets hope my laptop issues are better.  ....... to be continued

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