Friday, March 9, 2012

Key Ring Project

I ran across this key chain idea and thought I could make it.  I had all the stuff and of course I have time.  It was windy outside and a nice day to spend listening to the wind chimes from my craft studio.

 First to pound the spoons flat.  I had maybe 20 spoons and figured why not pound them all.  I can always use them.  First I started pounding them on my table but then moved into the garage cement floor.  It went much better. 
 I needed to find a key to add to the project.  This is my little brother's key collection.  My mom collect keys for him to play with.  I've been wanting this collection for years and finally last year she allowed me to take them but knowing they belong to my little brother.  But come on  who's gonna miss ONE key, right?
I cut the handle off the spoon and bent the tip to become a holder.  Cutting and turning it was so tough.  I'm gonna have to figure out an easier method. 

 I needed another embellishment so I dug through my stuff and found this heart pendant.  I had to drill a hole and put a eyelet through.  Now to assemble.
 This is the final product....what do you think?  I love it and my Mini key will look nice with this.
I stamped my name and year on the back.  This was fun to make and might need to be a item to make for future craft sales.

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