Tuesday, March 13, 2012

XPS Dell Laptop #@$%!!!

Today this tech guy came by to "FIX" my laptop.  He had the replacement parts and he took the whole laptop apart...I'll never be the same after seeing the mess he created.  He thought maybe there wasn't a problem because of all the tests he ran.  I'm like do whatever you have to do!  Then he says it's up to me....ah me!  I have no idea about the insides of my laptop.  I finally tell him to replace the parts which he does, then more problems.  The USB ports will not work!!!!!  We call Dell customer service, the tech guy talks to them and gets frustrated and hands me the phone...he then bails on me...while I'm on the phone with Dell he tells me he needs to go and says don't send your laptop to the Dell depot......"shut the front door". 
Dell tech support guy on phone wants to talk to me about "lets recap the problem" and then gives me a phone number to call to reset my laptop to factory settings.  So who cares about files and photos, service guy says you have important files on your laptop?  Dah.  I couldn't deal with it anymore so I took the number said a few choice words and hung up. 
Tonight I backed up all my "important files"  and tomorrow I will take a deep breath and call the tech support guy.  Wish me luck!  Dang..it froze on me twice tonight, but on the other hand I got to post on my blog...

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