Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sweet Salvage Sale

My friend Kathy and I hit the Sweet Salvage Sale last Thursday, the first day of their monthly opening.  It was fun and boy do they have the neatest things.  What I realized is I have some of the same treasures.  It opened my eyes to repurposing and rethinking the things I have hidden away in the deep corners of my garage, shed and attic!  The same type of windows, mirrors, frames, brokenwing angels, bottles, ribbons, etc.  We had a blast.  They were happy to hear I was blogging about their shop.  Well worth the time, loved it.

This is what you saw as you walked around.  You needed to look up, down, underneath, beside, on top of, behind and right in front of your eyes. 

1. Religious statues and iron gates.
2. Neat piece of furniture.
3.  Wanna make this sign.
4. Coffee bean bag covered ottoman.

My treasures....

Details of the little metal box...I have this thing about metal boxes
 Believe me there were many unique and amazing things in this shop.  Don't get me wrong I wanted to buy up every "can't believe it" kinda stuff.  I truly wasn't prepared to figure out where it would go if I bought this or that.... next time I will be.  Kathy found a bird bath for her back yard.  What a find.

While I was in this area of town, which has many similar shops, I stopped in one more.  Check out my finds....
Isn't this cool?  I want to use it in the bathroom with fancy hand cloths and sweet smelling stuff

The details and worn age of it

You ask what it this?  It's an umbrella stand
But, I'm using it for my precious papers stand.

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