Friday, October 5, 2012

While in Denver

Headed to Boulder for a street fair/beerfest.  Check out these garden planter/table bowl, so organic.  I remember having a recipe to make something similar to these...might have to hunt for it.

I found my recipe .... I think it will work... I'll let you know.  In the meantime, feel free to try it out yourself.

Hypertufa Mix
Polypropylene fibers have been added to this  mix to help reduce shrinkage cracks and to add tensile strength.  If you use a 1 gallon container as your “part” measurement, 1/3 cup of fibers, lightly packed, straight out of the bag, is recommended.  Separate the fibers before adding them to the mix or they will remain in clumps.
1 part cement
1 ½ parts peat moss*
1 ½ parts perlite*
Polypropylene fibers
*Plain potting soil, without fertilizers, can be substituted for the peat moss/perlite combination.

Neat bird houses

We walked into this cool hardware shop along Broadway in Denver and they had this paper packaging stand....loved it!  Not for Sale!!!  I would love to have it, maybe have to start a hunt for one.

My sister, Melinda is always looking for a cash register and I saw this one at another antique shop...this shop was expensive overall.  This was nearly $900.

They had so many cool garden items, but like I said it was so expensive.  Might be the reason for so many things.

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