Monday, October 22, 2012

Metal workings going on around here

As you know, I've been hanging out in my studio. 
I wanted to make jewelry pieces not just a pendant or two.  I made bezels from scratch.  Believe me, I had no idea what I was in store for.  It's been a journey.  I'm in the studio daily!  Some days it's felt like I've made no progress. 
I had to cut the base pieces, round the corners and file the edges smooth.  Then make the bezels sides from metal strips, bending and cleaning up the edges. Finally, clean all the pieces free of grime and finger prints.

Next step, solder all the pieces together.  This was the funnest thing but believe me it was so time consuming.  I didn't want to stop but knew I'll never get to the next step if I don't quit.  I think I stopped after about 20 pieces!
The other night I decided to fill the round pieces with clay.  I haven't worked much with clay so this was a huge learning process for me. 
Once I filled the round bezels....oh...oh...wait...
I had to get the bezels ready.  I took copper pipe and cut it into rings.  I had to drill a hole and I'm telling you that turned out to be such a challenge.  But I got them done.  Next I wired them.
Now they were ready to fill with clay.  I decided to use some of my rubber stamps and metal letter stamps to make impressions in the clay.  Next step was to harden them by baking them.  I used my toaster oven...big mistake!  I don't know what I did wrong but it didn't work  out.  All the pieces were brown and overflowing.  Ugh!!!  I was able to dig the clay out and I'll redo them and follow the baking directions.  haha.

I moved on to working with the resin.  I got all the pendants ready.  Again, this was so time consuming.  Finding things to fill the bezels, backgrounds, words, and glitter!
Once I got most of them ready it was time to pour the resin.  A steady hand was needed.  Honestly, I made a mess!  Sticky mess.  Some of the bezels leaked and didn't work like I wanted.  Oh well... cleaned them up and will redo.

Once the resin settles little tiny bubbles form.  Here's a tip:  take a straw and blow lightly and the bubbles disappear!  Easy Easy Easy.  Only you need to check for the next hour for bubbles.

Not to bad, huh?  I got about half of the bezels done. 
This is a heart I designed from an idea a friend posted on Facebook.  I think it was a heart wall art piece.   I like it but I don't like how it hangs. It think I'm gonna drill another hole and hang it straight.  I have four more to finish.

That's a peek into my metal workings.  I have so many ideas and just can hardly wait to make a final necklace piece. 
Stay tuned............

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