Monday, October 15, 2012

What my day has in store for me.....

Today, I took some photos of my courtyard and live plants....I mean I actually have a number of plants that I have kept alive over the hot hot hot summer.  I need to email the photos to my friend Cathy, in Michigan.  She has the greenest thumb of anyone I know and she's been a supporter of my attempts to keep plants around my house/yard.  She does however, keep it real with me, too.  I know it breaks her heart each time I have to share how this plant or that plant didn't make it.  Mostly due to my neglect of not watering or placing the plant in the wrong side of the yard.  But, today I'm feeling some pride in how I've been doing.  I know when she sees the photos she's gonna tell me to trim back.  I feel giving plants a "haircut" is hurting them haha.

The other fun thing.... I'm fixing a flat tire on my bike.  I have three bicycles and I need to ride them.  I have no excuses, weather is beautiful, I have time, I need to exercise, on & on & on.  After I fix the flat tire I will have two bikes in riding condition.  I really do love love love bike rides!

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