Sunday, October 14, 2012

Studio time, way fun.

Here's a peek....
I'm gonna be working with resin and filling my bezels.  I also filled some of them with clay so who knows how they will turn out.  I have a million ideas rolling around in my head on the details of what will be going  into the bezels.....words, beads, rinestones, shells, pebbles, images, glitter....
I'm also starting on making soldered glass charms.  But, if you remember my soldering iron blew up.  I need to shop for a new one and boy they can be inexpensive/cheap to very nice/expensive.  I have not idea what I should buy. 
Yesterday, in my studio I was struggling to drill holds in some of the pieces...none of my drills were charged and the dremel was pissing me off.  I forgot I had a flexshaft attachment to my dremel...what a great alternative to the stupid hand drills!  Worked like a charm...haha charm get it? 

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