Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coolest photo ever

I  got the neatest photo of Gabi on Monday in you're thinking red rocks and all that.  But wait til you see's so close your eyes
Okay open them for now...I want to play with the photo in Photoshop. 
A friend needed a ride to Sedona to get her car from the shop.  She drove there over the weekend to do some hiking and enjoy the fall colors....then the damn glitchy monkey got in her radiator!
I offered to give her a ride and take advantage of a nice drive and head to Flagstaff to see Christine. 
Sedona was busy busy busy with people.  Forgot it was a holiday...Columbus Day.
When Tom & I first moved to Arizona we enjoyed Sedona so much....beautiful views, great weather, lots of hiking trails and no people.  But now all the views are blocked by buildings, and a lot of trails are paved and there's always lots of people roundabouts make driving crazy.  Even with all the changes, Sedona is beautiful and full of cosmic energy!  No fall colors,  probably too early.

Took Mr Pin with us...

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