Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trip to Nebraska was an adventure

My brother, Danny with me at Sunset Point, AZ.  Alittle cloudy but still a pretty nice day out.

This is further up I-17, yeah that's snow!

Flagstaff, AZ  snow and a snow shovel.  I don't know how much snow fell in Flagstaff??

We got rain off & on through New Mexico, but...more snow....
Trucker in Walsenburg, CO said tough road from there to Denver!!! Yikes We stayed overnight in Walsenburg....a very well used hole in the wall motel on the exit...Couldn't sleep, my brother snored something awful and the room had the scent of a used ashtray! 

Look what was waiting for us....
More snow!!!

More clouds in western Colorado, but the we kept going and so did the clouds, missing us.

Look what was waiting to greet me the next morning in my Mom's backyard!

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