Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Texas treasure hunt

I explained  to my Texas family how I recycle, repurpose and redesign things I find, take, or purchase.  I gave them examples of my work and explained how I keep my eyes open for any treasures that cross my path.  Then I go on to explaine how I may "take" something but I will not "steal" things.  I explained if I find something I'll bring it to their attention and explain my need to have it.  I also explain most times I'm given the item without a problem.  So the hunt began.   I stayed with my Tio Tony and Tia they felt the most vulernable to my treasure hunts.  Each morning they asked me what if I found anything interesting.  Now let me tell you they had plenty of nice things but I prefer items that are no longer being used, so they won't miss it.  My Tio had a garage I never went there he had a storage shed and I did go there, but with close supervision...haha.  He was in total control & I was allowed in the doorway...well that's no fun.  He gave me a couple of treasures, but who knows what all he had in there!  Our final morning he ask me if I found any last minute items and I said no, that this trip turned out to be more about family that I didn't even take the time to snoop.  He comes back to the room with a bowling pin...a life-size bowling pin and asks me if I can do anything with it...I laugh and say well not a piece of jewelry or jounal...but maybe a paperweight.  My sister sees the bowling pin and makes a big deal about it and so we give it to her.  Next thing you know it he comes back with another bowling pin..haha.  He tells us the story of the bowling pins...He was stationed at Norton Air Force Base in California and the base bowling alley was going to be demolished and he got some of the bowling pins.  So these are no ordinary bowling pins....I have a plan for them.  Here's a hint.

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