Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sink faucet.....

So far ....
Found the main shut off...good
Tom removed the two under the sink shut off valves...good
Tom showed me how to put teflon tape on threads...good
Tom kindly took mercy on me and replaced both valves....way good
Turned water back on....not good
Very tiny leak on cold water....not good
Tom had a real job to go to ... not good for me
He's like I gotta go....not good, again
He tells me do what I can .... humm
Next step take the old drain pop-up out....good
Ah, not good, can't get the darn thing apart....not good, feeling defeated and wonder if the original leak was all that bad!
But as my friend said, you retreat, so I watched a few "how to" youtube videos
I'm motivated once again.
Wait, I need a cup of coffee and some loud music
I'll keep you posted...

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