Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things that don't fit....hummm

I've been on a roll to fix things.  (Did get the window screens all done and they look nice)Let's begin with doggie door.... it's worn out and been duct taped several times.  I decide it's time to replace the whole dang thing.  I measure and I measure and I measure again.  It's 10 1/2" by 17 1/2" opening in the wall.  We head to the store and we forget the measurements!  We buy the recommended size for our dogs...extra large.  The measurements seem right.  Now, remember this was my idea to replace the doggie door.  I take it out of the box, read instructions and what tools I'll need.  No biggie....ahh yeah a doesn't fit.  Too wide by a 1/2" and to short by 2".  I read the box and there are two sets of measurements....cut out size and flap size.  Okay it's not gonna work, need to return and get the "right size" one.  This time I take the measurements with me so not to guess.  None of the doors will fit the opening we have in the wall of our house!   I go to the pet store and none of them will work either!!!  This really sucks..something I'm going to have to ask for help on...ugh.
Next, I got my eyes checked a few weeks ago and got some really cool expensive transitional eye wear.  Only problem is I can't see out of them...blur.  I'm thinking this isn't normal.  I got to eye Dr and they say most times it's the lenses being made wrong.  I go to optical place and they tell me lenses are correct with what my prescription says.  Their solution...I wear them too low and the blah blah blah optic blah blah blah is in the center where the pupil is suppose to be...I say well what are we gonna do about this?  They measure my eyes, measure my lenses, measure my pupils again.  Finally, it was decided they can remake the lenses to accommodate how I wear them.  Two days without them, tho.  Good think I keep my old glasses. 
After this, I take my soldering iron to the stain glass store to return the soldering tip they sold me that doesn't fit my soldering iron!  She takes a look at my soldering iron and says...we don't sell those here anymore, cuz we have so much trouble with that brand.  Turns out to be a bust...the nice lady did explain if I work harder on cleaning the soldering tip it should be fine.  She gave me tips on how to clean it.   Tried that but what the heck I'll do it again. 
Okay, I'm saving the best for last....
Our bathroom sink faucet has been leaking forever.  I decide, again to fix it.  I purchased a simple fixture which matches the tub stuff.  I read the instructions, a tillion times, I get the tools I need, I get a pan for any possible leaks, I clear out the cabinet and I'm ready. 

This is the faucet & instructions, easy enough.
 First problem I have is I can't get the black thing off.  I swear I'm not gonna call Tom.  But it was on pretty tight.  He says (yeah I called) to use a channel lock we have one of those, NO.

I got to the store and bought a channel lock wrench and got the black thing off.  No problem...but I couldn't get the pipe loose.  A different tool needed?  I get the pliers and yank on it hard....hummm I  break the pipe connecting the faucet to the water supply!!!!

As you can see it's broke! 

This is the piece I have to replace....
 I take photos, pipe and instructions with me to the store.  A really nice guy helps me out and I purchase the parts to replace the hot and cold shut off valves...he's talking about compression this and teflon tape that...I'm good to go.  AND I haven't called Tom. 

I didn't know Home Depot has video registers!
Notice I have on Home Depot orange!
Tom gets home tonight and I'm like ahh by the way if I ever needed to shut the water off to the house where would I find the main water shut off ?  He's looking at me like don't you know that, "omg Jobi please tell me you're joking"  At this point I must confess my plumbing mess.  He's kind enough to listen and not say much as I explain.  Main thing he said was .... YOU DO KNOW WHERE THE SHUT OFF IS?  I'm like of course I do it's by the bougainvillea plant out front...he smiles...(I'm thinking good guess).  So tomorrow morning after his shower I'm gonna tackle those pipes and stuff and get that faucet installed correctly.  Wish me luck....

BTW, while at Home Depot I saw this flooring....remember my bedroom headboard/wall idea?

Hard to see in this photo but it's super cool color with grey tones.

This is the color I was drawn too, but the other was different from what I've seen.

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