Sunday, April 22, 2012

Texas family fun

Last night we had a famly reunion, sharing photos and stories.  This photo is a treasure to us cousins.  This was taken in 1971.  I'm back row second in.  What I remember about this day..
It was my wella's (Juana) funeral. 
I had curly hair and my cousins had straight hair!  I curled my hair in big rollers to have straight hair like my cousins.  But once I walked out of the air conditioned house into the hot humid Texas heat, my hair poofed up! 
All of us in this photo were at get together tonight with exception of my sisters, Patsy & Rhonda and our cousin Sylvia.   Also, cousin Patricia & Jason weren't born, yet.  Also, our sources report my brother Danny (who's also not in the photo) took the photo.  But everyone who notices Danny's not in the photo always says the same thing..."he was probably with Eddie".

A few of us cousins took this photo last night.  Oh how we've grown up.

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