Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dollar Theater...blast from the past

My brother & I decided to check out a movie at the dollar theater we used to go to years ago on Bell Rd.  It was the funnest thing we've done in awhile...the whole experience was like being in a movie ourselves.  No one is at the ticket windows...sign says go to concession counter to buy tickets.  It's no longer a $1 it's now $3.  The guy at the counter, well all the guys working looked like guys right off the street, no uniforms or shirts with logos.   The guy told us about the specials, food, popcorn, candy soda...he handed us a laminated sheet with the prices...cracked us up.  We got a combo, cheap enough, too.  Once we turned to walk to the theater area it all came back to us... the lights, the hallway, the old school look.

Texting our sister to ask her if she remembered this place.
 The fun didn't end there, as we walked into the theater, it wasn't the fancy stadium seating with rocking overstuff was old school all the way.  Could even hear the film projector.  It was fun.
btw, we saw Mission Impossible (whatever number it was)  Tom Cruise looked ridiculously old as he was running, otherwise a good $3 movie.
On Jason's (brother) birthday I took him to a fancy theater to watch Hunger Games...nice sound, nice seats, but lacked the character.

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