Sunday, August 25, 2013

An idea that grabbed ahold of me like a rock hitting my head

Concrete Concrete Concrete!
I saw these on Pinterest and thought what the heck I can make these, I love concrete and have some experience with it. 
Basic tools - bucket, gloves, and a mixing stick.
Basic items - plastic containers, cups, paper boxes, glass votive holders, etc.
I used Quikrete concrete and that shit is heavy a solid 60lbs!

I scooped the mix into the bucket and added water.

What I realized after mixing is the texture, not as fine as I would like, but then I can't judge until the final product.  But you can see the pebbles/stones in the mix.  Haha kinda reminds me of refried beans.

I sprayed the various containers with vegetable oil.  I poured the concrete into them and then set the interior container which I also sprayed with the oil. 

Most of the container were small except for this one.  It was a box and it didn't hold up as well as the smaller boxes or plastic cups.

Now to let it all set up for the next 24 hours!

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