Friday, May 31, 2013

Funny how the universe works

A year ago I was having lunch at Pita Jungle and noticed their chairs.  Here's a photo of the chair.
I asked the waiter if he knew where they got their chairs.  He said they were custom made by some guy but didn't know much more then that.  I took the photo so I could begin my search for something like these chairs.  I decided I wanted a round dining table and these chairs would be perfect.  I even liked the rustic finish.  I found this chair on line, but still not what I wanted. 
 I shopped for the chair locally and I must of gone to 15 stores and still nothing like it.  Then the other night I was on Craigslist looking for a bird bath and thought I should see if there's any chairs I might like.  You are never going to believe this..... a guy was selling 15 chairs very similar to what I saw at Pita Jungle.  I called the guy and I bought 6 chairs for the bargain price of $50, now that's less than $10 each!!!  But here's the weird thing...they look just like the chairs from Pita Jungle from a year ago!!!  I mean the same exact style, same exact colors, same finish!  I'm going to have to stop in the Pita Jungle and see if they remodeled or something.  The guy I got the chairs from said he got them at a auction.  All in all a great find and it's so cool how these kinds of things happen to me all the time.
By the way they fit nicely with the round table.  Now to decide if I should paint and how I should paint them, what color or colors, or leave them rustic....oh my.

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