Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chalk paint project

I've had this old rusted tool box for about a year and I've been using it to store my soldering/metals supplies.  I decided it was the perfect thing to paint.

The last time I used plaster of paris to make chalk paint.  I used unsanded grout this time.  I would have to say I liked it better.

I used 2 tablespoons grout to 1 tablespoon water.  I did add a little more water since it seemed thick.

Added it to 8oz of paint.  I choose a vintage pink.  It was Behr Plymouth Notch (180E-3).  I loved the shade of pink.

I lightly sanded and cleaned up my toolbox.  It took the paint so well.

I left the details of the hinges and locks unpainted.  I used a white paint, Behr Powdered Snow (W-D-700), which I added the sanded grout to.  A nice shade of a vintage white.

As you can see I painted white stripes, too.

I've used wax on many wood projects and I love the look and feel of the wax finish.  I use Minwax.   I tinted my wax with some burnt umber to give the piece an antiqued look. 

I sanded the edges to give it a worn feel.  I loved this look.  I applied my wax and let it dry.  Once it's dry you take a soft cloth and buff it to a nice shine.  Love, Love, Love.

Here's a close up photo of the lock.  Don't you just love it!
My newly pink chalk painted toolbox!

I found this wooden box in the Casa Grande shop, "In a Pear Tree".  Another great thing for chalk paint!   I sanded and cleaned it.  I used the Behr "powdered snow"  color.

 I noticed someone by the name "Tom Finn" stamped the box.  Thank you Tom Finn for making this box!
Once I had it painted I added some detail, a scallop edge.  I used Behr Grey Morning (490-F-4).  I added the unsanded grout to it, also.

I sanded the edges and love the look.  I waxed it with the dark tinted wax.

Here's the finished box!!  Isn't it lovely!!!  What cool projects. 

I'm not finished with projects.  Today I'm working on 4 more pieces out on the patio.  Refinishing a wood table, a wood coffee table trunk, painting a entertainment center piece and a side cupboard.
Did I mention is over 100 degrees in the shade but the pool is a nice cool temp!


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