Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Art in the Alley

Today was the Art in the Alley event in Casa Grande, AZ.  It was my first time there and it was well worth my time.  To my surprise there was a large crowd and a steady stream of people stopping by my table.  A lot of compliments and lookie lou's.  When I asked for feedback on what they thought and everyone loved the uniqueness of the pieces and the use of metals.  One thing I heard was price was out of their budget but felt it was priced well because to the workmanship and creativeness.  One story was particularly fun...a woman was looking for a wedding gift...come to find out it was for her partner.  They have been together for 13 years and were heading to Hawaii to have a marriage ceremony.  She was looking for a gift to give her partner on their wedding day.  She had 2 favorites but decided on a beautiful red "LOVE" heart pendant.  I asked her to please email me a photo once she gives it to her partner.   What a honor to be part of something so special. 
This Art in the Alley is something I need to continue to participate in.  It's first Tuesday of each month from Sept-June.  Along with the artist, there are food vendors, live music, activities for the kids and a great classic car show.  There lots of men and a number of them came to chat about my jewelry.  I think the use of metals intrigued them.  I added earrings in this show and I'll have to say I'm so pleased with them, I could wear each one cuz I just love them.  The other major bonus is the artists and women I met.  Two in particular and I hope they follow up with an email to me.
I really need to get going on some kind of on-line shop, don't I?

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