Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Walking in 2013....

Last year on New Year's Eve 2012 several friends ran a midnight 5K and it looked like fun. I put a reminder on my cell phone to this on New Year's Eve 2013. I like walking and do get out and walk but not as regular as I thought I would. Well a 5K is 3.1 miles and the Midnight Madness 5K was a timed event. I did no practice walking I just winged it. It was cold out and the race began at 10:30 pm. First of all, I wore too many layers and I was hot by the first mile and had to carry my jacket. Secondly, I took a string backpack with way too much shit in it, water bottle, gum, hat, gloves, snack bar, etc. Thirdly, we began in the very back of the pack. I walked with two people who walked a faster pace than me and that frustrated me big time. Being at the end of the pack frustrated me, okay the truth be known I was the last person in the race and the two people with me were kind enough to stay with me. I wonder if they felt sorry for me...who knows who cares. I finished last at 59 minutes. Now to put this into perspective the fastest runner finished in 15 minutes. I was pretty proud of myself having never done this before. I was sore, cold and overwhelmed at the end.
Several days after this event a friend offered a treadmill to me.  I was so excited about walking at my convenience.  So along with the treadmill I had bottle of water, check.... music, check.... kindle, check.... earphones, check.check.

Well, staying on a treadmill takes some focus and motivation.  My goal is one hour a day taking a day off here and there.  I added a app to my phone so I can track my workouts.  I love the ability to keep a log.  I watch movies, HBO series, read, listen to Heart radio, or to my playlist...which by the way needs some better music.

I found I needed more to keep me on track.  I found some quotes and taped them to the wall so I can read them.  My favorite quote so far is "I don't stop when I'm tired, I stop when I'm done".

This quote is so important for me.  I was having a bad day and was feeling so discouraged.  You know that feeling you get when you step on the scale and don't see the results you were hoping for?
That was my day ... the scale was pissing me off!
But, as the quote says....

Last weekend I completed my second 5K walk event.  It was for a good cause and I had a great time.  The only goal I had was to keep my own pace and not let anyone else effect my stride!  I finished and my time improved from the first 5K walk we did on New Year's Eve.  I was not winded, not sore, not tired at the end of this event.  Each time I slowed down I remember the woman the event was about.  her name is Vandi Olson, she passed away way too young a year ago.  I felt honored to walk in her memory.  Overall, a great day.

Tom & I are signed up for another 5K event in March, the Neon Run.  Should be fun and I'll keep you posted.  Of course my biggest fear is quitting .... I'm hoping by posting my progress it will help me stay focused and motivated to keep walking.

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