Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I've had my soldering iron out and started making chains…but the soldering iron couldn’t take the heat in the studio and blew up!   I had to move on … so on to the mini torch which works okay and have to be aware of the heat on the chain links.  But it was time to get a new soldering iron.  I headed over to a local stain glass store and got their recommendation on a good soldering iron.  I bought a nice one for about $130.  Later that evening I was having a conversation with my brother and was telling him about my purchase and he says, like he always says…did you check  So we did and I found it to cost $85, dang that’s a big difference plus I get free shipping with Amazon!  So the next morning I went to return the one I bought .  The initial sales clerk was rude saying with no receipt no refund and also “refunds is stamped on the receipt and then pointed at it on my receipt.  I’m like here’s the story….I told her and that didn’t make it any easier.  She told me I would probably get a store credit but not cash!  So I asked to speak to the manager/owner.  I overheard the sales clerk tell the manager how I should not get a refund.  It was the owner who came to speak to me.  I explained if the cost was only $10 difference I would not of bothered.  But nearly $50 is too much of a difference to ignore and questioned the price difference.  She said she buys directly from the manufacture and was not happy to know I could get if for so much less.  I told her check Amazon .com for herself.  She told me I could get store credit and I was thinking in my head "hell no" it was less than 24 hours since I bought it and it would take me a  long time to use up that much store credit since I don’t do stain glass and have stocked up on my soldering supplies.  I said out loud  “really, really you’re not going to give me my money back?” She finally agreed to give me a full refund.  I think she understood I was being straight up with her and told her I like her shop and I shop there whenever I need supplies.  She said she actually has a meeting with the soldering company rep and will be discussing the pricing with him.  I ordered my soldering iron off for $50 less!  Lesson here is check on line before purchasing which will help avoid any confrontations.  My new soldering iron was delivered today....yeah.  
I have no idea what this means haha

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