Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My friend, Kathy is awesome at knitting and makes the coolest things.  Her most recent was a necklace made out of some fancy thread with sequins.  Anyways she motivated me to learn how to knit.  I crochet but have never learned to knit.  Kathy teaches people how to knit and offered to teach me, but I didn't want to take advantage of her time.  So I found some yarn I had stashed away and got some knitting needles.  I watched a number of beginning knit Youtube videos thinking easy enough.  Wrong... too many ways to do the same thing.  I finally learned to cast on after so many attempts.

I learned the knit stitch and completed a row.  It's not as easy as the videos show.  I practiced it over and over again.  I also moved on the purl stitch and that has been just as hard to learn.
I decided to practice an hour each night and it's paying off. 

Last time I visited with Kathy, she taught me an easier way to do the knit stitch.  It again takes practice.  It is easier but still a challenge to not mess up and have to start over.  It's different in crocheting if you make a mistake all you do is unwind the yarn, but I can't seem to see an way to correct my mistakes so I start over.  ugh   My goal is to make a scarf...maybe by next winter...haha  There's a rhythm and I'm liking it.

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