Thursday, February 14, 2013


I put together some Valentine boxes for some of my favorite Valentines, Melinda, Rhonda, Crystal, Chanel and Christine. 
 Pink was the theme!
My sister Melinda's box

I included a little pink note.  I used my manual typewriter and embellished it with some pink thread stitches.  Folded it up and send off in a tiny envelope.


I included some pink and red goodies

I used the sewing machine to seal the little packs of candy hearts.

The girl's boxes included the neatest pale pink drinking glass.
I put together some Valentine goodie bags for the twins and their family....
.... and look what they delivered to me today!
We got five cupcakes for Tom & I, I'm telling ya they are so good, I'm gonna have to hide'em.

I got the twins a Valentine outfit.  Loved the hearts on the pants.  Here's Addison dancing.

Olivia dancing...don't they look so cute in their outfits?

Everyone dancing on the ottoman!  It didn't last too long after a few knocks and bumps. 

Owen, Kailey, and the twins.
It's been a good day so far... Enjoy your Valentines Day!!  I know I will.

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