Monday, February 29, 2016

Portable art studios?

I've been working on a portable art studio to take along with me when I travel or just take a moment to make some art without having to sort through my stuff to take along with me. First thing to tackle was what to take along.  Next thing to tackle was what to put it in.  One thing I notice some artist take their things in a bag and also some kind of paint brush or pencil carrying roll thing.  I looked around my things to see if I had a bag to fit stuff in.  Of course I didn't so I got fabric out of my stash.  I have this "Dick and Jane" fabric which I love. Found some striped fabric and a zipper.  Searched on-line for some ideas and came across a tutorial that had easy to follow instructions and photos.  The biggest challenge was keeping the inside and outside fabrics in the right direction when sewing on the zipper.  I'll be sewing all day making more bags.  I want one for pencils and a bigger one for supplies.  I also want to make a brush roll thing.  I also found a really cool journal.  I just need to make time to paint!

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