Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ledger Art Journal

 I take on-line classes with Jeanne Oliver (check out her website and you'll be hooked)  and one of the things she talks about in her Living Class is making a portable studio, showing her vintage ledger art journal.  Here's examples of her use of her cool.  

Courtesy of Jeanne Oliver Designs,  
Courtesy of Jeanne Oliver Designs
I've been searching for vintage ledgers for the longest time!  I found one at the coolest shop in
Coleridge, Nebraska called 106 Vintage Co.  I'll be telling you about the shop in a post soon!
For now let me show you the ledger I found there!!!!   So excited....

My VINTAGE LEDGER ART JOURNAL entries date back to 1914.  Can you believe that? It's completely filled up to the last page.  I think it's a ledger documenting fee/dues paid to an organization.  I've figure out the organization but I'll leave that a mystery.  I love this ledger! I can't wait to use it but first I must repair it.  The binding is torn and the front cover is not attached.  

After thinking about art journals .... they can be on my trip to Italy I found two old books in Italian.  I have no idea what the books are about but I loved the texture and the pages have the neatest patina.  

I love this new art journal.  I'm taking it everywhere with me in my portable studio

Do you have an art journal (s) and portable studio?

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