Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Meet Morgan, an artist!

While I was on my Nebraska trip I met Morgan, one of many great nieces.  She's an ARTIST.  I fell in love with her creative energetic spirit.   We happen to be sitting at the same table at end of the evening at my father-in-law's 90th birthday party.  She began to tell me how she was an artist and loved art. By the way, she was making art the whole time she was sitting with me.  Actually the first time I spoke with her that day was her telling about her puppet, Annie Pop, which she made out of scraps of stuff including a popsicle stick.  Annie Pop sang for me.  She went on to explain how she loves art so much that she must make art everyday.  I was impressed  "Wow! that's over 300 pieces of art a year!"  We then spoke about what to do with all our art.  I explained I hang and display my art on my walls and all over my house.  She described her bedroom and how her walls are slanted, so I suggested she tape them on her slanted walls.  At the end of night she asked for my mailing address and we both agreed to send each other art.   So we are officially Art Pen Pals.   
I was fortunate enough to visit Morgan at her home and I was privileged to see her room.  She already taped up her artwork.  I must say I was so jealous of her art space/bedroom.  I loved the artistic vibe and energy.  I can see how her space feeds her creativity.  I would love a slanted wall art space!

Morgan, my new creative artist friend!  Can't wait to share our art!
Check out Morgan's, hat and jacket....way colorful!

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